Bloxburg is a fun game for you to play but.. you will have to buy it with 25 robux!

In bloxburg it is just like real life there is a bar that say's how many fun you have, hunger, clean and energy. It is so fun that i think when you have 25 robux you should buy this game, So AWESOME! You have your own house and you can get a car if you like. you can also get a job like a pizza deliverer.

You need to pay bill's when you use the water or you use any electricity, You pay the bill's in the mail box at the front of your house. When you get close to something like the toilet you can sit on the toilet. Or if your close to a book shelf you can read the book!

There are also skills like when you cooked you will level up on Cooking! It is just like real life. This is so cool, please check out this game out THIS IS AMAZING!